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  • We keep things natural every step of the way.

    Collaborative, responsible procurement.

    At Dean Foods Procurement, we procure the high-quality goods and services we need to bring freshness and flavor to homes across the United States.

    We hold ourselves to the highest standards – and that’s only made possible by insisting on integrity, service, innovation and continuous improvements across our supply chain.

    We achieve this with a one-company, collaborative approach – one where excellence is everyone’s responsibility and goodness is guaranteed.

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    Ethics & sustainability

    We work with suppliers that share our values, including the Institute for Supply Management’s Principles of Standards of Ethical Supply Management and Principles of Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

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    Dairy Direct

    Dairy Direct is our way of ensuring transparency with milk producers – giving them the power to call their own shots and make the selling decisions that are best for their farms and families.


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    Procurement to feel good about

    For us, the quality of our procurement is what guarantees the quality of our food and beverages. It’s our way of honoring the trust millions of Americans put in us every day.

    Become a Dean Foods supplier

    If you’re interested in becoming a Dean Foods supplier, contact our procurement team at procurement@deanfoods.com.